1. What kind of care do nurses at Healers at Home provide?
Our certified nurses facilitate post-surgery recovery and provide intimate care for all chronic illnesses.

2. What are the things that your nurses do?
They perform Vaccination, Tracheostomy, Wound care, Injections, urinary catheterization etc.

3. How can I calculate the number of hours of nursing care I might need?
We offer 8 hour, 12 hour and 24 hour nursing services at your home. Our experienced team will help you to calculate the number of hours you will need and work out a suitable plan to get the most from our nursing care services.

4. How qualified are nurses from Healers at Home?
All the nurses are qualified with at least a diploma in GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) with minimum 3 years of experience and have previously handled critical care.

5. What are the charges?
Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.

6. What is attendant care and when do I need it? Attendant care covers all types of non-medical care for your elders or any loved one in post operative stages or in life's daily activities including personal care, nutrition and medication care, companionship, light housekeeping etc.

7. Will the attendant perform other household tasks like laundry and washing dishes for the family?
Our attendants will perform tasks required for daily assistance and activities of the patient only.

8. How is it different from Nursing Care?
Attendants are not medical professionals like nurses, however we do train them for daily medical and living assistance.

9. How many hours of attendant care service per visit can I get ?
We offer 12-hr and 24-hr Attendant Care services at your home as per your need.

10. What are the charges?
Our charges vary upon the severity of your condition and location.